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  • Fun, low-stress, adult-friendly birthday parties for children and adults!
  • Private parties with exciting, unique activities for 8 to 20 participants. No charge for adults or toddlers in tow.
  • Party package price-builder at the bottom of this page
  • Price includes pre-party access time to set up hospitality and decorate. Existing decorations will suffice for those who want to keep it simple!
  • Party room accommodates up to 25 people and up to 35 including lobby area
  • Fridge, freezer, toaster oven, microwave and kitchenette for your serving convenience
  • Papa John’s Pizza delivery and 50% discount details below

Newton’s Attic’s fun, low-stress and adult-friendly birthday parties receive rave reviews from adults and children alike. We offer a private party space and friendly, skilled staff to lead exciting, unique activities. Newton’s Attic parties are recommended for children 6 to 16 and for young-at-heart adults who want something a little “different.”

We recommend one to two activities per party and a maximum of three, depending on the number and ages of the children and the chosen activities. A single activity is recommended for larger parties and younger children. The Rubberband Crossbow activity is not recommended for children under 7 or more than 14 participants. 

Use the price-builder feature to customize your package for the number of participants and your activity choices. A “participant” is anyone who will be participating in the activities. There is no charge for your non-participating adults or toddlers in tow. Parents are welcome to drop their children or stay and enjoy adult company while we entertain the kids.


Party Room Hospitality

Newton’s Attic provides the space, staff, and activities. You provide the hospitality. Feel free to make it “adult-friendly.”

Our party room accommodates up to 25 people with booths and couch seating. Groups of up to 35 can be comfortable when spilling over into the adjoining lobby area. 

The party area includes a refrigerator, freezer, toaster oven and microwave for your serving convenience. Papa John’s in Palomar delivers to Newton’s Attic and will give you our 50% discount to our guests. Mention Newton’s Attic and provide them our office phone number (859-368-7334) upon ordering. Call 859-223-9500, opt. #5 to speak to the Palomar location (the call center does not have this discount on record).

We provide a half-hour of pre-party access to our facility at no charge so that you can decorate and set up as needed. Birthday banners and decorations from previous parties make decorating unnecessary for those who want to keep things simple. Bring a colorful, plastic table covering to make your serving area more festive. Outdoor party space is also available under our front awning. 

Newton’s Attic has both indoor and outdoor space for birthday parties and also offers outdoor activities throughout the winter. Please ask your guests to dress for the weather if you choose an outdoor activity. 

 If your child’s friends have never been to Newton’s Attic, it will be a true treat for them!

BdayPartyFrontPorch 1024

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 Activity Descriptions and Options


NameShort descriptionSelectPriceTotal
Birthday Party Size (Activities Not Included)
Standard Party (Basic Charge)
It's a birthday party for up to 8 participants. Staff and space only. Activities priced on the next page.
$200.00 $0.00
Deluxe Party (Basic Charge)
It's a party for 9-14 participants. Activities priced separately.
$250.00 $0.00
Supreme Party (Basic Charge)
15-20 Participants. Activities priced separately.
$300.00 $0.00
Subtotal on category "Birthday Party Size (Activities Not Included)" : $0.00
Birthday Party Activities (Select up to 3)
This fun and exciting NASA-inspired ride flips, spins, and rolls, simulating the motion of a tumbling space capsule. SPINtron resides indoors in the winter and spring and outdoors in our pavilion in the summer and fall.
$50.00 $0.00

Spintron 1

SpinTron (Multi-Axis Trainer)

Build a paper rocket and then 3-2-1 launch and watch as it soars up to 300 feet with our compressor-powered rocket launcher! Appropriate and fun for ages 7 to 12.
$50.00 $0.00

rocket field trip SM2

Rockets! - Before The Flight

Everybody loves slime! Good for youngsters down to 5 years old.
$75.00 $0.00

Slime 1024


Build your own 10” x10” handheld, wooden Rubber Band Crossbow and then test your skills on targets. You will get to use tools in the shop, and everyone gets to keep what they make. Not recommended for under 7 years old or groups larger than 14 participants.
$75.00 $0.00

smilingBoyRubberBandCrossbow 1024

Rubber Band Crossbows

Are you brave enough? Sling shot down a 125’ long track on a bungie-powered mini-roller coaster. Little ones can ride on the lap of an adult.
$100.00 $0.00

G ForceBirthday

Boy Riding On G-Force

Designed in the form of a medieval siege engine, the Ballista can shoot a pumpkin over 400 feet. You supply the squash - we supply the launch!
$100.00 $0.00

ballista outside2.jpg

Ballista Being Readied For Launch

Subtotal on category "Birthday Party Activities (Select up to 3)" : $0.00
Total : $0.00

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