First Ever- Rimfire New Year’s Weekend 2021/22

Rifle, check. Loaded magazines, check. Ears and eyes, check. Heart racing, check….

You’re crouching in the gate ready to bolt at the sound of the starting gun. You’ve got a tight grip on your rifle. Safety on, barrel down. Deep breath. Your eyes narrow as you peer down range plotting your course through the obstacles between you and the finish line hundreds of feet ahead. Another deep breath.... RUN! You’re headed full out for the closest station. Dive in. Come up and assess targets. Six targets, six rounds. Acquire sight picture. Fire! One down, five to go. Red dot on next target. Fire! Two down. Continue until mag is empty. Discharge magazine. Make a break for the next station.

You’re at the wall with a fresh magazine and more targets. Clear those targets then eye your third destination. Head that way at full speed. You’re breathing heavily now. Focus! Get to the next point. More targets, more rounds. You quickly work your way down range over bridges, swings, ramps and walls, climbing, crawling and running while taking out more targets. The finish line is drawing closer, but you’re fatigued. One more stop, one more round of targets. Breathing heavily. Heart pounding. Harder to aim. Get to the finish line!

This is Rimfire Weekend, an unusual science and engineering-based marksmanship class.

You have decided to take this class because you enjoy the sport of shooting or you want to learn how to shoot or shoot better. You like excitement, the comradery of teamwork, and being outdoors in remote country. You will be provided with two rifles to use during the class: A Savage Mark II bolt action 22 and a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 semi-automatic. We also provide hundreds of rounds of ammunition for each participant.

The first item on the agenda is a safety lesson. Then you learn about the fundamentals of proper shooting and use those skills to sight in your rifles. Following this, the science of ballistics and the engineering of firearms will be studied as we, blast, blow up (think tannerite) and demolish all sorts of targets. You will engage in multiple airsoft battles, both day and night, with and against your fellow camp mates, and don’t forget about the obstacle course described above where you test your mettle and new found skills as you move through various shooting stations. So grab your safety glasses, ear protection, outdoor gear and join us for this amazing wilderness based learning experience.

  • ·       Who: Presented By Newton’s Attic
  • ·       What: Science and Engineering based shooting/marksmanship class for students ages 14 and up
  • ·       Where: Aradyn, the 169-acre Newton’s Attic facility located near Red River Gorge, KY
  • ·       When: Thursday, December 30 to Saturday, January 1, 2022
  • ·       Why: Because it’s great fun and educational


  • ·       Comfortable lodging and bathroom facilities will be provided.
  • ·       Meals and snacks provided but feel free to bring your own
  • ·       Campers may bring their own airsoft guns and protective gear

Additional Information:

  • •Nighttime activities include restaurant dinners Thursday and Friday nights, a bonfire, night shooting, fireworks, and more. This class takes place outdoors with a pavilion-like area for shelter and fires for warming. Bathrooms and the sleeping areas are heated, but there is not a heated classroom building.
  • •More information, including a preliminary itinerary will be coming soon, and we will send a recommended clothing and gear list by mid-December.
  • •A pre-event orientation is tentatively planned for Saturday, December 18th at Newton’s Attic to complete forms, go over the gear list, meet the staff, and answer questions.

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