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Newton’s Attic excels in creating a culture of extreme engagement. Students love the fun and excitement of the hands-on projects. Parents love the value of the education and skill building!
The overarching purpose of Newton’s Attic is to make learning about and teaching of math, science, and engineering enjoyable and exciting by creating very unusual educational resources and experiences that stimulate imagination and creativity. These resources are also offbeat and entertaining so they appeal to a wide range of individuals and illustrate that technical knowledge can be used to provide pleasure as well as empower individuals to pursue their goals and dreams. Newton’s Attic has an excellent reputation in the community as a science and engineering resource for students, parents and educators.


Our 13,000 square foot facility allows us to serve an unprecedented number of students throughout the year.  The two buildings on five acres near the Bluegrass Airport house full wood and metal working shops, a 3D printer and electronics room, two computer labs and plenty of space for events, student projects, and the ever-expanding array of large and unique Newton’s Attic resources.

Thanks to a $25,000 donation from Messer Construction Foundation, Newton’s Attic has expanded to include a 2,400 square foot multi-purpose room that allows us to offer new programs such as science themed overnight lock-ins, robotics events and Unmanned Ariel Vehicle and First Person Viewer competitions.
Newton’s Attic is fortunate to work with many talented instructors of varying ages and backgrounds.  High school and college students, certified teachers and retired professionals all bring their quality and enthusiastic instruction to offer an ever-evolving array of courses in all areas of STEM, from computer programming, digital arts, electronics, and chemistry to robotics and engineering.

These unusual devices are used to demonstrate the principles of physics – or just to have fun:

  • SPINtron – this fun and exciting NASA-inspired ride flips, spins, and rolls simulating the motion of a tumbling space capsule
  • RC Robotics Platforms – this remote control fleet can be made competition ready by student-built attachments
  • The Ballista – a medieval era machine that propels pumpkins or other projectiles hundreds of feet
  • G-Force – 125 foot long, bungee-powered mini rollercoaster


Our mission is to stimulate interest in science and engineering through exciting, hands-on projects, classes, and summer camps.

  • Challenge young people with unique educational experiences that allow them to apply technical knowledge in situations that are meaningful and relevant to them.
  • Create rich learning environments full of resources that promote critical thinking.
  • Expose all people to the concept that scientific principles can be explored and utilized in exciting ways.
  • Enhance the competitive context of the engineering industry by providing exceptional learning experiences for young people who will become our future workforce.
  • Guide students to pursue technical careers, especially related to engineering and science.
  • We believe the human mind is capable of incredible feats.
  • We believe that students properly inspired will pursue a study of math and physics with self-motivated rigor.
  • We believe learning can be fun and should be exciting.
  • We believe that the pursuit of scientific understanding is essential to the development of a technologically-advanced society from which we, our children and the world will benefit.

Newton’s Attic was founded in 1998 by Bill Cloyd, a professional mechanical engineer and former high school physics and math teacher. Frustrated by the confines of the regular classroom, Cloyd was inspired to create a highly engaging approach to educating students about the excitement, fun and career opportunities available to them through physics and engineering. Using the concept of play as the ultimate learning tool, Cloyd developed Newton’s Attic.

The library of available programs allows students to engage in hands-on design, fabrication and field-testing of their own mechanical devices in highly energized environments.

Newton’s Attic is dedicated to providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics) educational resources to parents, students and teachers at all grade levels. We have provided unique programs for numerous middle and high schools and groups in Fayette and surrounding counties as well as the University of Kentucky, Berea College, EKU and WKU.

Newton’s Attic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

  • Intensive learning occurs when individuals are driven internally by an inherent interest to acquire knowledge.
  • Newton’s Attic will promote scientific thought based on sound principles and data-driven analysis.
  • Non-traditional teaching methods can produce exceptional educational results.

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