Birthday Parties

We leave the cake and decorations to you and then do what we do best-launch, shoot, fling and Fly!

We provide pre-party access to our facility at no charge so that you can decorate and set up as needed. Our party room accommodates up to 25 people with seating and tables. We also have a refrigerator, freezer, toaster, oven, and microwave for your serving convenience. Papa John’s in Palomar delivers to Newton’s Attic and will give you the school price of 50% off a large, single-topping pizza.

Newton’s Attic has both indoor and outdoor space for birthday parties and also offers outdoor activities throughout the winter. Please ask your guests to dress warmly if you choose an outdoor activity.

If your child’s friends have never been to Newton’s Attic, it will be a true treat for them.

Outdoor Activities

Indoor Activitites

Are you brave enough?  Sling shot down a 125′ long track.  A mini roller-coaster in our front lawn.

Design and build a custom model rocket and then 3-2-1 launch! Watch as it soars up to 300 feet.

AKA the Pumpkin Chunker.  Designed in the form of a medieval siege engine, the Ballista can shoot a pumpkin over 400 feet.  You supply the squash – we supply the launch!

This fun and exciting NASA-inspired ride flips, spins, and rolls, simulating the motion of a tumbling space capsule.

Build your own 10″x10″ handheld, wooden Rubber Band Crossbow and then test your skills on targets.  You will get to use tools in the shop and everyone gets to keep what they make.

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*Please note base price does not include a la carte activities
*Activity options are in addition to base pricing. We recommend 1-2 activities depending upon size and age of group.