G-Force was the brainchild of Newton’s Attic founder Bill Cloyd. It uses a bundle of bungee cords stretched by a simple machine attached to a hook on the underside of a rolling car carrying a rider. Upon release of the latching mechanism the bungee cords retract to launch the rider down the rails and up the incline. The cart then slows to stop on the incline and the rider coasts back down to bounce against the bungee cords and go for another ride. Each successive pass sheds more energy until the rider coasts to a stop. Most rides are one launch and two bounces.

It was constructed as a project for pre-engineering students at West Jessamine High School during a semester-long program in 2002. Bill was responsible for the primary design and critical welds. The students participated in the creative design-synthesis phase as well as in fabrication and assembly of various components.

We use G-force to demonstrate the following physics concepts:

  • Potential and Kinetic energy

  • Speed, force and acceleration

  • Gravity and Inclines

  • Simple machines and mechanical advantage

G-force normally resides at the Newton’s Attic facility in Lexington where it enjoys status as our most frequently requested activity for STEM field trips, birthday parties, summer day camps and after school programs.

G-Force Statistics

  • Dimensions:

    125 feet long, 22 feet tall, 18 inches wide

  • Weight:

    3,500 lbs

  • Bungee Tension:

    up to 500 lbs

  • Materials:

    box steel, custom laser cut metal components, custom designed windlass and industrial roller chain

  • Acceleration:

    up to 3Gs

  • Top Speed:

    up to 20 mph